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This will be my introductory article into the world of daily fantasy sports. This article will feature my favorite lineup for the upcoming week. Keep in mind that the $ amounts for players are based on Yahoo's amounts.

Quarterback: Dak Prescott $20- At the minimum amount for quarterbacks, Prescott offers huge value and huge potential.

Running Back: Ezekiel Elliott $24- Elliott should be fantasy's top running back this week as he is facing the New York Giants. Elliott also has a great advantage with having the leagues premier offensive line paving the way for him.

Running Back: DeAngelo Williams $26- With Le'Veon Bell out this week, Williams should score at least 12 fantasy points this week.

Wide Receiver: Amari Cooper $23- Against a fairly weak New Orleans defense, Cooper should rack up plenty of yardage.

Wide Receiver: DeAndre Hopkins $34- The player with the best overall matchup this week is a must start. Hopkins should feast on the Bears' defense.

Wide Receiver: Donte Moncrief $16- Moncrief should have a breakout season this year, and this week should start things off.

Tight End- Rob Gronkowski $27- While he may not have the greatest matchup, you should get plenty of points out of him.

Flex: Spencer Ware $12- Since Jamaal Charles will sit out this week, Ware is easily this week's top value pick.

Defense: Houston Texans $16-  The Texans' defense will look to be asphyxiating against a subpar Bears offense.

The money totals up to $198 which leaves you $2 to make an upgrade if you want.

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The opening game of the NFL regular season is two days from now. Since the NFL season is starting Thursday, that means the fantasy equivalent is starting as well. Each week I will be posting an article giving you a few players to pick up for your fantasy squads ahead of the upcoming NFL week. This week will focus mainly on waiver-wire players who have gone undrafted in most leagues.

New England Patriots Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo- Since Tom Brady is suspended the first four games of the season, Garappolo is in an ideal situation. Blessed with plenty of options ranging from Rob Gronkowski to Julian Edelman, Garappolo could easily put up 25 plus fantasy points. If he is able to put up 25 points, he should find himself in the top five for fantasy quarterbacks.

Cleveland Browns Wide Receiver Terrelle Pryor- After making the switch from quarterback to wide receiver, Pryor experienced some growing pains last year. This year however he is an intriguing option as he impressed many in the preseason.

New England Patriots Running Back James White- White will share carries with LeGarrette Blount this week, but I personally favor White over Blount. Since Garoppolo is a young quarterback he will be looking for a dump off option on pass plays. White will get most of those looks as he is a much better pass-catcher than Blount.

Indianapolis Colts Tight End Dwayne Allen- Now that he is the lone tight end in Indianapolis, Allen should be a solid fantasy producer this season. Allen should get plenty of red zone targets with Andrew Luck as his quarterback.

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After doing the running back section of these rankings, now it's time for the wide receiver portion. Last year wide receivers were far more consistent than their running back counterparts. Because of that, the first three picks in fantasy drafts are usually going to three wide receivers: Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, and Odell Beckham Jr.

#1) Julio Jones- Most people would have given Antonio Brown the number one spot in this rankings, but I personally feel Jones is a higher upside pick. Jones could have a season for the ages this year, just as he was expected to have one last year. With the offense revolving around him, Jones should get the most targets out of any receiver in the league.

#2) Antonio Brown- Brown is arguably the safest player in all of fantasy football: you know what you are going to get out of him. The first three weeks of the season, while Le'Veon Bell, there should be a spike in Brown's numbers. An increase in targets should give Brown the opportunity to possibly get 40-45 fantasy points (based on ESPN standard scoring) in the first three weeks of the season, something that is very difficult for receivers to do.

#3) Odell Beckham Jr.- Even though Odell is slightly overrated, he is still fantasy's number three wide receiver. Last year he had troubles facing up against some of the league's top cornerbacks, but hopefully that was just a sophomore slump. If Odell were to fall to you in your draft, I would look at the possibly of maybe trading him away for a package of players.

#4) DeAndre Hopkins- Even with Lamar Miller, Hopkins should still get plenty of targets and will continue to be the focal point of the offense. Hopkins should be a touchdown machine in a much improved offense from last year. There is a very real chance that Hopkins paces all wideouts in touchdowns, leading to a very good fantasy campaign.

#5) AJ Green- Similar to Antonio Brown, Green is a very consistent player that will get you a solid amount of points weekly. Even though Andy Dalton isn't one of the league's premier signal callers, the departures of Mohammed Sanu and Marvin Jones should immensely increase Green's fantasy stock. Green would be a smart pick in either the late first round or early in the second round.

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